University Students


Prestigious speakers from different backgrounds share their experiences and talk about politics, economics, start-ups, music...


Have fun with friends practising the sports you enjoy most! Football, tennis, cycling...

Study Club​

Take advantage of our unrivalled study room and other resources to earn the best grades in your classes!

University Workshops

Join other students and share ideas in a cross-disciplinary environment: economics, science, literature, theatre...

Debates & Beer

If you like Lebanese culture, you'll surely enjoy this program. With a beer in hand, increase your communication skills debating the country contemporary issues!

Developing Skills

Learn new skills with lots and lots of fun: games, competitions, movies...


If you want to spend some of your time helping people in need, just join this program!


Perhaps the best program for the lovers of nature and the lovers of culture. We all need to take a break from time to time and this is the best way to do it!


A fulfilling university life should also be international. Get in touch to know if we are organising a university trip soon!

Highschool Students

(+16 years old)

Academic Excellence​

College is the moment to gain good studying habits that will benefit you at university. Join this program if you want to expand your potential!

Cultural Immersion​

A variety of activities confer the students with the best cultural enrichment: foreign languages, informatics, economics, leadership workshops...

Personal Development​

A program full of incredibly fun weekend activities which will make you build intimate friendships and develop a rich personality.

Living for Others

Happiness is more about giving than receiving... you'll experience this if you join us.

Summer Activities​

We also organize many activities in Summer inside and outside of Lebanon (International seminars, humanitarian work camps, etc). Contact us for more info!
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