Alnaïr is a family club aspiring to support parents in the education of their sons aged 9 to 15. The club offers an educative framework to accompany the personal development of the children through academic, cultural and leisure activities, as well as through the one-on-one mentoring program. To learn more about our educative project and tools, click here

Academic Excellence

Every child in our program is assigned to a mentor that will guide him in perfecting his studying techniques. Students meet once a week with a tutor to study together. Mentors teach the students how to organize their time efficiently, concentrate, finish the tasks with perseverance, overcome the difficulties and increase their interests in all the fields of study.

Personality Development

Children may be receiving a good education when they are with their family or at school, but they have a lot of free time too. Our program holds activities every weekend where, thanks to our educative project, kids grow as a person as well as spiritually, also while they have a lot of fun.

Cultural Immersion

The Club offers different programs with the goal of exposing children to different educational fields that they may need to master in the coming future: sciences, languages, informatics, leadership, etc.

Family Activities

The Club recognizes the role of the parents as the students first educators and everything that the Club does is to aid parents in this role. Although parents are very present in every activity, the Club holds specific activities for parents or for the whole family.
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